Criterion III: Research, Innovations and Extension

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3.1.1 Resource Mobilization for Research
3.2.1 Institution has created an Ecosystem for Innovations and has Initiatives for Creation and Transfer of Knowledge3.2.2 Innovation Ecosystem
3.2.2 Number of Workshops, Seminars and Conference
3.3 Research Publication and Awards
3.4 Extension Activities
3.4.1 Extension Activities3.4.2 Awards and Recognitions3.4.3 Extension Activities and Outreach Programs
3.5 Collaboration
3.5.1. Number of MoUs, collaborations / linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, internship, field trip, on-the-job training, research and other academic activities during the last five years
3.5.1 Alibag Nagar Palika Parishad-183.5.1 Department of Chem, KVPS and SHD and SMA3.5.1 Dnyan Foundation3.5.1 G.S. Science, Arts and Commerce College3.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Devloli-18
3.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Devloli-193.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Gulsundhe- 193.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Gulsundhe-183.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Gulsundhe-203.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Gulsundhe-21
3.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Majgaon-20173.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Mazgaon-183.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Mazgaon-193.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Mazgaon-203.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata, Mazgaon-21
3.5.1 Group Gram Panchyata,Devloli-203.5.1 Heartfulness Education Trust3.5.1 Indian Institute of Geomagnetism 3.5.1 International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research3.5.1 KLE Society's
3.5.1 P.U Educational Service, Mumbai3.5.1 Satpuda Shikshan Va Gramin Vikas Sanstha's Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel Arts, Commerce & Science College3.5.1 Satyam Institute of Tax Accountant-183.5.1 Satyam Institute of tax accountant-203.5.1 Soroptimist welfare association
3.5.1 Tata institute of social science, Mumbai3.5.1 Techfryday3.5.1 Tesseract Solutions_18