Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Covid-19 Vaccination Drive on 16th July, 2021

A special Covid-19 Vaccination Drive was conducted by Mahatma Education Society for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Pillai HOCL Educational Campus on 16th July, 2021.

A total of 165 staff were vaccinated today. With today’s drive, almost 95% of PHEC (Pillai HOCL Educational Campus) staff have taken at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. This is just one step by MES to get our campus ready and safe whenever offline class activities will resume as per the directives of the Government.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is the only way for things to go back to the way they were. So we urge everyone to kindly get vaccinated as soon as possible and stay safe.