Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc. Physics)

The Programme of M.Sc. Physics was established in the year of 2023-24 with a sole purpose to provide an excellent environment for students to learn, experiment, collaborate and create. The Program M.Sc. Physics is composed of various courses of classical and modern physics with excellent industry focused electives and experiments, enabling students to be industry ready. The growing demands of production based Industry in the domain of solar technology, Green Technology, Semiconductor Technology in India makes this program even more attractive. Moreover, the need for good academics, Researchers and Entrepreneurs in the various domains of Physics never fade away.

List of Subjects for the Two Years of Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc. Physics)

F.Y. M.Sc. (Physics)

Semester - 1Semester - 2
Course PSPH101: Mathematical MethodsCourse PSPH201: Advanced Electronics
Course PSPH102: Classical MechanicsCourse PSPH202: Electrodynamics
Course PSPH103: Quantum Mechanics-ICourse PSPH203: Quantum Mechanics-II
Course PSPH104: Solid State PhysicsCourse PSPH204: Solid State Devices
Practical Lab Courses (2): PSPHP101 and PSPHP102Practical Lab Courses (2): PSPHP201 and PSPHP202

S.Y. M.Sc. (Physics)

Semester - 3Semester - 4
Course PSPH301: Statistical MechanicsCourse PSPH401: Experimental Physics
Course PSPH302: Nuclear PhysicsCourse PSPH402: Atomic and Molecular Physics
Course PSPHET311: (Elective Course)Course PSPHET411: (Elective Course)
Course PSPHET316: (Elective Course)Course PSPHET412: (Elective Course)
Practical Lab Course (1) PSPHPAP302: Advanced Physics Lab-1Practical Lab Course (1) PSPHPAP402: Advanced Physics Lab-2
Project (1) PSPHP301: Project - 3Project (1) PSPHP401: Project - 4