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IQAC Calendar 2021-22

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IQAC Calendar 2020-21

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IQAC Calendar 2019-20

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IQAC Calendar 2018-19

2nd May, 2018Departmental Academic AuditTo encourage departments to evaluate their “education quality processes” – the key faculty activities required to produce, assure, and regularly improve the quality of teaching and learning
23rd June, 2018College Development CommitteeTo develop overall comprehensive development plan of the college regarding academic, administrative and Infrastructural growth, and enable college to Foster excellence in curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.
28th June, 2018IQAC MeetingIntroduction of Positive Psychology sessions to the students
Departmental activities
Staff Welfare activities
Student welfare activities
Research related activities
Any other matter with the permission of the chair
6th July, 2018Faculty Seminar SeriesTo acquaint each of the members of research works of others, thereby fostering inter-departmental dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and enable collaborative work
10th July, 2018Introduction of Positive PsychologyTo work on the core ideas of happiness and well-being to cultivate what's best in us and to facilitate positive mindset and action
30th July, 2018Syllabus Revision Workshop in ChemistryTo expose students to practical industrial world, to facilitate industry connections, and help them understand themselves as members of their domain community
20th September, 2018National Conference on "IPR"National Conference on "IPR"
6th October, 2018IQAC MeetingTo review the minutes of the previous meeting.
Collaboration with PCACS
Positive Psychology to be discussed - Taking account of the lectures conducted
Planning of a Conference / Workshop by IQAC in the next Semester
Documentation and Uploading of MOM on the website.
Any other matter which finds relevance in the discussion
22nd October, 2018One Day Field VisitTo orient faculty in their respective subject syllabus content and revised paper pattern
22nd October, 2018Departmental Outreach ProgrammesTo encourage the participation of the student community in social development work and collaborate with community-based organizations and institutions in their efforts to promote a just, loving, equitable, and humane society.
10th December, 2018Collaboration with SIBCTo gender-sensitize the student community and bring about a positive change in the lives of women and girls through education, empowerment and development of skills and abilities to help them harness their fullest potential to serve the community
20th December, 2018Participation in Avishkar Research ConventionTo develop a research culture and scientific temper among the students, scholars and teachers
5th February, 2019IQAC MeetingReview of the previous meet.
Feedback of the teachers about the first module of Positive Psychology
Any improvisations to be made in the upcoming modules
26th February, 2019Faculty Exchange ProgrammeTo provide the opportunity for the exchanged personnel to serve as “employees” of the host institution; to encourage professional development through the stimulus of a different setting.
20th March, 2019Unnat Bharat AbhiyanTo create a virtuous cycle between society and an inclusive academic system relevant to national needs, especially those of rural India
11th April, 2019Comprehensive Students' FeedbackTo achieve quality enhancement by monitoring the academic content and processes thereby achieving quality sustenance and progressively quality enhancement.
29th April, 2019IQAC MeetingEvaluating students for Positive Psychology sessions.
Department specific Conferences
Parent teacher interaction sessions
Automating mark entry process in the Exam Cell
Collation of content for preparation of AQAR.
5th April, 2019IQAC MeetingTo discuss departmental activities
To discuss student / staff welfare activities
To discuss infrastructure and learning resources
To discuss student support and progression
To discuss research related activities
To discuss extension activities
Any other matter with the permission of the chair