Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Faculty List

Faculty for the year 2018-19

Name of FacultyDepartmentDesignationQualificationEmail Address
Dr. Lata MenonB.Com.Principal, PHCASCPh.D., M.A.(Economics),
Binit KumarB.M.S.Vice-Principal, PHCASCMasters in International Business Administration,
Department : Arts
Sujith BabuB.M.M.Co-ordinator (B.M.M.)
Assistant Professor
M.A. in English Language and Literature, NET (English)
Swati MishraB.A.Co-ordinator (B.A.)
Assistant Professor
M.A. in English Literature,
​Disha ChotaliyaB.M.M.Assistant ProfessorB.M.M., B.Ed., Masters in Journalism and Mass
Ashwini SatveB.A.Assistant ProfessorM.A. in English
Prathmesh GokhaleB.M.M.Assistant
Department : Science
Dr. Jayanta Kumar BeheraB.Sc.B.Sc. (Gen) Co-ordinator
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D. (Physics)
Dr. ​Ketan PatilB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (​Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)​
Shravan KambleB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Maths),
Prajakta ShirkeI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Swapnil PatilI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorB.E. (I.T.), M.E. (Computer)
Deepesh JagdaleI.T. / C.S.Co-ordinator (B.Sc.I.T.)
Assistant Professor
B.E. in I.T., M.E. (Computer)
Priyanka SorteI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Sreelakshmi NairI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Neethumol K.G.I.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in Mathematics,
Babitha KurupI.T. / C.S.Co-ordinator (B.Sc.C.S.)
Assistant Professor
M.E. (Electronics)
Jyoti PundaleI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.E. (Electronics)
Ravindra MhatreI.T. / C.S.Assistant
Dr. Vishakha BodadeB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Physical Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Department : Commerce
Rewati Soman B.Com.Co-ordinator (B.Com.)
Assistant Professor
M.Com., B.Ed., PGDM (IB), NET (Commerce)
Sumeet MhatreB.Com.Co-ordinator (B.M.S.)
Assistant Professor
M.M.S. in
Sweta Roy ChoudhuryB.Com.A/FCo-ordinator (B.Com.A&F) Assistant ProfessorM.Com. (Accounting and Auditing)
Vineet MurliB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.M.S. in HR,
Harshita SinghB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Maths),
Shreeja JojiB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Com., PGDBA (HR)
Kalavati UpadhyayB.Com.Assistant ProfessorM.A. (Economics)
Sheeba RajanB.Com.Assistant ProfessorLLM / M.Phil. /
Remya Madan GopalB.Com.Assistant ProfessorMSc. (Botany), NET (CSIR),
Teena ZachariaB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Com. (Accounts & Finance)
Aarushi DubeB.M.S.Assistant
Hardik DaveB.Com.Assistant
Sindhuja JoshiB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorB.Com., MBA (HR)
Dr. Pooja SinghB.Com.Assistant ProfessorPh.D (Botany), LLM., Ph.D. in LLB (Ongoing)
Sonam JangamI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorB.Tech. (I.T.), M.E. (Computer)