Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Faculty List


Faculty for the year 2020-21

Name of the FacultyDesignationQualificationArea of Specialization
Email Address
Dr. Lata Menon
Principal, PHCASC
Ph.D., M.A.(Economics), SET
Transport Economics & International
Mr. Binit KumarVice- Principal , PHCASCMasters in International Business Administration, NETEconomics & International
Department : Arts
Mr. Sujith Babu
Assistant Professor, Programme Co-ordinator, B. A
M. A. English, NET
English Language and Literature
Ms. Swati Mishra
Assistant Professor, Programme Co-ordinator, B. A. M. M. C.
M. A. English, NET, DCE, PGCTE
English Literature and Creative Writing
Ms. Kalavati Upadhyay
Assistant Professor
M. A. Economics
Economics of Growth & Development , History of Economic thought , Economics of Agriculture & Corporation and Business Economics
Ms. Disha Chotaliya
Assistant Professor
Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication
Mass Communication and Journalism
Mr. Prathamesh Gokhale
Assistant Professor
Masters in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism
Mass Communication
Ms. Ashvini Satve
Assistant Professor
M. A. English
English Literature
Ms. Pallavi Patil
Assistant Professor
M. A. English, SET
English Literature
Mr. Priyesh Keekan
Assistant Professor
M. A. English, M. A. History, Bachelors in Law
English Literature, History and Law
Mr. Linu GeorgeAssistant ProfessorM. A. English Literature, B. A. English LiteratureEnglish
Department : Science
Dr. Jayanta K Behera
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.Sc
M.Sc., GATE, Ph.D. Physics
Space Plasma physics, Interplanetary physics and Atmospheric science
Mr. Lalit Patil
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.Sc. I.T
M.E. I.T. , B.E.IT
M.E.IT(Information and Cyber Warfare)
Mr.Deepesh Jagdale
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , M.Sc. I.T
M.E. Computer Engineering, BE IT
Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Operating Systems
Ms.Babita Kurup
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.Sc. C.S
Electonic Engineering
Mr.Swapnil Patil
Assistant Professor
Software Engineering, Cloud Computing
Ms. Priyanka Sorte
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Mr. Ravidra mhatre
Assistant Professor
Information Technology
Mr.Priyanka Sonawane
Assistant Professor
Artificial intelligence,Cyber Forensics, Data Structures, Linux
Mr.Ashwini Khillari
Assistant Professor
Information and Cyber warfare, Software Project Managemnet, Database management system, Game programming
Ms.Darshana Wajekar
Assistant Professor
IR, STQA, WP, C/C++ , DS, Cloud Computing, DSIP
Ms.Sreelakshmi Nair
Assistant Professor
M.Sc in Information Technology
Information Technology
Dr Vishakha Telgote
Assistant Professor
MSc (Physical Chemistry)PhD (Chemistry)
Physics Chemistry
Dr. Sapana Mukund Chilate
Assistant Professor
MSc (Analytical Chemistry), PhD Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Mr. Sumit Suresh Kokane
Assistant Professor
Msc Physics
Ms. Neethumol K G
Assistant Professor
MSc(Pure Mathematics),B.Ed
Real Analysis, Linear Algebra
Ms Priya Prakash
Assistant Professor
MSc(Pure Mathematics),B.Ed
Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra
Dr. Archana Ashok Bhagwat
Assistant Professor
MSc (Organic Chemistry), PhD Chemistry, MH-SET
Organic Chemistry
Mr.Ravi Bari
Assistant Professor
MSc Mathematics
Real & Complex Analysis, Topology
Department : Commerce
Ms. Rewati Soman
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.Com
M.Com., B.Ed., PGDM (IB), NET (Commerce)
Human Resource
Mr. Sumeet Mhatre
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.M.S
M.M.S. in Finance, B.Com
Ms. Sweta Roy Choudhury
Assistant Professor , Programme Co-ordinator , B.Com(A&F)
M.Com. (Accounting and Auditing), B. Com
Mr. Vineet Murli
Assistant Professor
M.M.S. in HR, B.Com.
Human Resource
Ms. Harshita Singh
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.
Ms. Shreeja Joji
Assistant Professor
M.Com., PGDBA (HR)
Human Resource
Ms. Sindhuja Joshi
Assistant Professor
MBA (HR) ,B.Com , NET
Human Resource
Ms. Amreen Khan
Assistant Professor
LLB , B.Com
Ms. Remya Madan Gopal
Assistant Professor, IQAC Co-ordinator
MSc. (Botany), NET (CSIR), GATE, SET
Biotechnology & Enviornmentsal Science
Ms. Arushi Dube
Assistant Professor

M.Com. (Advance Accounting) B.Com (A&F),
Mr. Hardik Dave
Assistant ProfessorM.Com. (Advance Accounting),B.Ed, B.Com (A&F)
Ms. Sheetal Patariya
Assistant Professor
M.Ed, M.Com
Ms. Babita Panda
Assistant Professor
Research Methodolgy, Agricultural Eco, Industrial Eco, Health Eco & Micro
Mr. Rohan Yadav
Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Com

Faculty for the year 2018-19

Name of FacultyDepartmentDesignationQualificationEmail Address
Dr. Lata MenonB.Com.Principal, PHCASCPh.D., M.A.(Economics),
Binit KumarB.M.S.Vice-Principal, PHCASCMasters in International Business Administration,
Department : Arts
Sujith BabuB.M.M.Co-ordinator (B.M.M.)
Assistant Professor
M.A. in English Language and Literature, NET (English)
Swati MishraB.A.Co-ordinator (B.A.)
Assistant Professor
M.A. in English Literature,
​Disha ChotaliyaB.M.M.Assistant ProfessorB.M.M., B.Ed., Masters in Journalism and Mass
Ashwini SatveB.A.Assistant ProfessorM.A. in English
Prathmesh GokhaleB.M.M.Assistant
Department : Science
Dr. Jayanta Kumar BeheraB.Sc.B.Sc. (Gen) Co-ordinator
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D. (Physics)
Dr. ​Ketan PatilB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (​Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)​
Shravan KambleB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Maths),
Prajakta ShirkeI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Swapnil PatilI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorB.E. (I.T.), M.E. (Computer)
Deepesh JagdaleI.T. / C.S.Co-ordinator (B.Sc.I.T.)
Assistant Professor
B.E. in I.T., M.E. (Computer)
Priyanka SorteI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Sreelakshmi NairI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in
Neethumol K.G.I.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. in Mathematics,
Babitha KurupI.T. / C.S.Co-ordinator (B.Sc.C.S.)
Assistant Professor
M.E. (Electronics)
Jyoti PundaleI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorM.E. (Electronics)
Ravindra MhatreI.T. / C.S.Assistant
Dr. Vishakha BodadeB.Sc.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Physical Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Department : Commerce
Rewati Soman B.Com.Co-ordinator (B.Com.)
Assistant Professor
M.Com., B.Ed., PGDM (IB), NET (Commerce)
Sumeet MhatreB.Com.Co-ordinator (B.M.S.)
Assistant Professor
M.M.S. in
Sweta Roy ChoudhuryB.Com.A/FCo-ordinator (B.Com.A&F) Assistant ProfessorM.Com. (Accounting and Auditing)
Vineet MurliB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.M.S. in HR,
Harshita SinghB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Maths),
Shreeja JojiB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Com., PGDBA (HR)
Kalavati UpadhyayB.Com.Assistant ProfessorM.A. (Economics)
Sheeba RajanB.Com.Assistant ProfessorLLM / M.Phil. /
Remya Madan GopalB.Com.Assistant ProfessorMSc. (Botany), NET (CSIR),
Teena ZachariaB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorM.Com. (Accounts & Finance)
Aarushi DubeB.M.S.Assistant
Hardik DaveB.Com.Assistant
Sindhuja JoshiB.M.S.Assistant ProfessorB.Com., MBA (HR)
Dr. Pooja SinghB.Com.Assistant ProfessorPh.D (Botany), LLM., Ph.D. in LLB (Ongoing)
Sonam JangamI.T. / C.S.Assistant ProfessorB.Tech. (I.T.), M.E. (Computer)