Name of the EventXtenso
Conducted byCommerce Club
Date23rd December, 2019
Venue7th and 8th Floor, PHCASC
Winners (if any)Theme based - Prathmesh Shinde and team (S.Y. B.Com.)
Innovation - Aditya Baonkar and team (T.Y. B.M.M.)
Maximum Profit Percentage - Abhishek Pandey and team (T.Y. B.Com. (A&F))

The Commerce Club of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science & Commerce organised the event ‘Xtenso’ on 24th December, 2018. The event was declared open by the heads of all departments by unveiling the banner. The theme of the competition was “Emoji.” The event was organised to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among students of all streams. 80 students participated in the event by putting up 24 stalls. It was observed that the participants showed creativity and innovation in the competition. There were stalls for intellectual games and interesting puzzles. Few students sold products which were in line with the theme. The organising team showed high enthusiasm for conducting the event in a smooth and fair manner.

All the staff and the students motivated the participants by visiting their stalls, purchasing the goods and playing the games. All participants made profits from their stalls and their efforts were commendable.