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Name of the Event: Solid Waste Management
Conducted by: Student Council Project Initiative at PHCASC for Solid Waste Management in association with Nature Club
Date: 14th March, 2020
Venue: Near Canteen

On 14th March, 2020 Student members of Student Council along with the Nature Club headed by Prof. Ashwini Satve and faculty of B.Sc. General Dr. Vishakha Bodade conducted Solid Waste Management Activity.

Under the activity the process of composting was explained by Dr. Vishakha and students completed the process of composting step by step. Students from the Commerce Department also participated.

In an effort to manage the biodegradable waste generated in HOC, bioremediation in the form of dry composting was initiated. The canteen at our college generates a good amount of biodegradable solid waste in the form of leftovers from vegetables and non-vegetarian food apart from cereal products such as staple rice, chapatis and vegetables etc.

Objective of the Student Council Solid waste management in collaboration with Nature’s Club Project Initiative.

The main objectives of the project are defined under following categories in a college campus:

  • To identify and demarcate biodegradable wastes from non-biodegradable wastes generated in the college campus
  • To facilitate the collection of biodegradable and dry waste & identify means for the proper disposal and recycling using the process of decomposition by bacteria
  • To create awareness of the importance of proper waste management among students in college campuses.

The students followed following step by Step process.

They segregated the solid waste from the refuse, they put a layer of readymade compost, on that they put layer of dry leaves and newspaper and vegetable waste like onion peels and cauliflower cut into small pieces to retain moisture and added dry coconut powder, leftover curd for faster fermentation (composting).

The students took care to spread the waste in the basket evenly for proper aeration and mixing.

The basket was been regularly observed by the students and added ingredients as per above mentioned layers again.

The compost thus obtained was successfully used as manure for the plants growing in the HOC campus. This was an activity to study and learn the process of Composting.

The activity was a great learning experience for the student council members and other department students.

It gave practical exposure and awareness as they study environment related courses and concepts in class.

We thank our Principal Dr. Lata Menon for her constant encouragement and support. And for providing such atmosphere and facilities for enhanced learning.