Meraki – Poetry Competition 2021-22

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Name of the EventMeraki - Poetry Competition 2021-22
Conducted byDepartment of Arts and Literary Association
Date15th January, 2022
Venue / Online PlatformOnline
Activity Falls under Criterion / Criteria Criterion V
ConvenorMs. Pallavi Shantanu Patil
Number of participants benefitted10

Literary Association of PHCASC in collaboration with Department of Arts organized ‘A Poem Writing Competition’ on 15th January, 2022. The objective of this event was to offer the students a platform in order to enhance their creative writing. The students got an opportunity to exhibit their literary talent and creativity. The participants came up with different poems on the topic “Equality” with great zeal and enthusiasm. The final judgment was made by Asst. Prof. Priyesh Keekan and Asst. Prof. Pallavi Patil. The judges appreciated performances of all participants and guided them to adopt innovative techniques, ideas and skills.

Students were judged on the parameters like theme, Metre, Rhyme Scheme & Form. The participants from all the respective departments of PHCASC left no stone unturned to win.

Selected poetries will be published in ‘Meraki-2021-22’ publication.

All students enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. The competition inspired the participants to gain substantial experience, showcase their literary skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.


Akhila SudarshanS.Y.B.A.English1st rank
Shivangi MishraS.Y.B.M.S.English2nd rank
Janhavi SarojF.Y.B.M.S.English1st rank
Girija AmbavneT.Y.B.M.S.Marathi1st rank