Lokmanya Ek Yuga Purush – Movie Screening

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Name of the EventLokmany Ek Yuga - Movie Screening
Conducted byThe Film, Drama and Music Club and Faculty of Arts in association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Date2nd July, 2022
Venue/ Online PlatformConclave II, 3rd Floor, Architecture Building
Activity Falls under Criterion/CriteriaCriterion V
ConvenorMr. Prathamesh Gokhale
(if any)
Mr. Linu George and Mr. Avinash Kunju
Number of Participants Benefitted

The Film, Drama and Music Club and Faculty of Arts in association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) organized a movie screening – Lokmanya Ek Yuga Purush on 2nd July, 2022 between 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.. This was followed by an interactive session with the students on the process of making biographic movies

Lokmanya – Ek Yuga Purush is a Marathi biographic film written and directed by Om Raut an aspiring young director. Many times it was observed that students are acquainted with our history and culture which is only taught in schools and colleges. But there is very rigid information about the great kings, freedom fighters, and social reformers who have sacrificed their lives for our nation and strengthened the socio-economics, and political roots of our nation.

As a part of creative teaching techniques, the main objective of the movie screening was to encourage students to watch a movie on one such social reformer and freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak and attempt to give students to know more about the era and him through cinematic perspective. This will generate students more interest as movie screenings give visual experience and help to generate interest in the subjects. We also encouraged discussions among the students from various perspectives related to films and to bring students together to share experiences.

The movie was screened at conclave II . Total 122 students participated in this activity.

The event was a success with active participation and discussion among students. One of the objectives of encouraging students to watch films and learn something from it was achieved as the convenors received positive feedback from the participants.