Idea Generation Workshop

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Name of the EventIdea Generation Workshop
Conducted byEntrepreneurship Cell and Faculty of Commerce
Date20th August, 2019

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rasayani in collaboration with the Faculty of Commerce organised a Workshop on ‘Idea Generation’ on 20th August, 2019 for the students with an objective to acquaint them with the basics of Business Planning apropos their interests. The resource person for the session was Dr. Priam Pillai. The workshop covered various aspects of generating business ideas. The students were encouraged to identify existing problems and come up with business ideas that may solve the same.

The workshop was attended by about 120 students with great energy and eagerness to learn. Sessions were conducted by presentations and activities involving the students. The workshop generated interest and curiosity among the students. The efforts of the students were commendable. The workshop was modelled by Dr. Priam Pillai to have a direct impact on students to motivate them in becoming entrepreneurs. It served the purpose and was appreciated by the students.