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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science & Commerce organized a one-week online National Level Faculty Development Programme on Intellectual Property Rights from 20 – 26 April, 2020. The event was organized in an online platform, Google Hangout Meet, given the pandemic times of COVID 19. The event received an overwhelming response during registration by faculty members from all over Maharashtra. The
schedule of the event included most relevant topics segregated into six separate sessions day-wise. The resource person for the event was Adv. Pranit Dhanavade, from Lawgical Legal

Solutions, Mumbai. The organizing team comprised our Principal, Dr. Lata Menon, Vice Principal Prof. Binit Kumar, Converner, Dr. Jayant Behera, Techical Coordinators, Prof. Deepesh Jagdale and Prof. Priyanka Sorte, IQAC Members, Prof. Remya Madan Gopal, Prof. Swati Mishra, Prof. Babitha Kurup and Prof. Sujith Babu. The day-wise report on various topics presented and discussed is as follows:

Day 01 – 20th April, 2020 – ‘Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights’

The inaugural day of National Level Faculty Development Programme started as per schedule at 10.00 a.m. on 20th April, 2020 in google hangout meet online platform. The links were provided to participants who registered for the same. The technical team had clearly planned out session without any breaks or interruptions. Day one was ‘Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights’. There were 264 participants who attended the presentation of the day. Prof. Swati
Mishra warmly welcomed the delegates and introduced the resource person for the event, Adv. Pranit Dhanavade. He started out with introduction of intellectual property and benefits of IPR. The speaker implied on two different categories of IP – Industrial Property & Copyrights. Two important IPR conventions were also presented as Paris and Berne Convention and principles of the same. The speaker also addressed on Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and establishment of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and World Intellectual Property Day. The resource person explained various IPR Acts and IPR governance in India. The presentation was followed by open discussion. The delegates put forth their doubts in through microphones or expressed their queries in chat. The session was successfully completed with a vote of thanks to resource person and all delegates participated for the day.

Day 02 – 21st April, 2020 – Trademark

Day two of the event generated tremendous interest among the participants due to the content relevance and application. ‘Trademark’ was the topic of presentation and discussion for the day. There were a total of 236 participants who attended the same conducted online. In line with the subject, our resource person covered numerous topics from the very introduction. The session opened with a welcome note to our speaker and all the delegates participating for the same. At the outset concept and types of trademark was presented along with Trademark Act of 1999. The speaker discussed about appointment of Registrar of Trademark by Central Government and Trademark registry in line with Trade & Merchandise Marks Act in 1958. Territorial jurisdictions of TMR offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi & Ahmadabad were also mentioned. The speaker also directed our attention on absolute grounds for refusal of trademark in depth. The step wise procedure for application for registration and its effects were clearly described. The real pointers of the session were penalties for false trademarks and trade descriptions. The subsequent conviction, charges of offences and court trial which were further proceeding and consequences to fake registration process were analysed in detail with possible live examples to clarify the concept. The session vividly covered all realms of trademark and its applications in life. The presentation was followed by Q & A session where delegates were given a platform to discuss and clarify the doubts and facts. Adv. Pranit Dhanavade addressed each of the questions put forth by the delegates and provided satisfactory explanations for the same. The queries were put on chat box along with overwhelmingly positive feedback for the session. The second day ended with a vote of thanks and to meet on the same platform for day three.

Day 03 – 22nd April, 2020 – Copyright

The third day of the event centered on the very interdisciplinary topic under Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright. The day started off with the formal welcome for our resource person Adv. Pranit Dhanavade and other delegates. The presentation comprised all the vital points for discussion from the basic to the most recent information ie., from concept definition to Copyright Act and Copyright Societies. The session started with elementary details of copyright concept and Copyright Act, 1957. The different aspects of copyrights in case of literary, dramatic and musical work, computer programmes, artistic work, cinematograph film and sound recording were explained in detail. Organisation structure in the form of copyright Office, copyright services and registration process were relevantly presented by the speaker. The speaker also focused on using Right to Information Act for accessing information of copyrights. The resource person discussed Term of Copyright government works, public undertakings, in arts and literature and performer’s right. The licensed by owners of copyrights and methods to obtain the same was highlighted. Registered Copyright societies and remedial measures for infringement copyrights were vividly enumerated in the conclusion of the session. The day witnessed 260 delegates who were participating evidently in the Q & A session that followed the presentation. Our speaker enthusiastically interacted with our delegates during doubt solving session. The session concluded with vote of thanks and positive feedback from delegates.

Day 04 – 23rd April, 2020 – Patents

Day four of the event was centered on the most popular and significant topic under IPR, Patents. The session started with a usual welcome note to our resource person Adv. Pranit Dhanawade and delegates. The presentation began with basic information on the topic such as cocept, terms used and Patent Act, 1970. The focus of the session was on criteria of patentability and non inventions as per Patent Act. The speaker listed out non inventions in the field of health, Environment, Science, Technology, Agriculture, Medicine, Industry, Algorithms, Biological process, Arts and the likes. The speaker also discussed Patent Cooperation Treaty and explained the patent filing procedure nationally and internationally. Provisional and complete specification and their merits and demerits were also enumerated. Term period for patents, restoration of lapsed patents and surrender of patents, which are of great application potential were also presented. The speaker also provided information about authorities by Central Government in the likes of Controller General of Patents and territorial jurisdiction of patent offices. The information on database of Indian patents was also provided as a final statement of conclusion. 264 delegates attended the presentation which was followed by Q & A session. The clarification was given by our resource person to the delegates on the basis of questions shared through microphone or chatbox. The session concluded with a vote of thanks to meet again for next session. The session received positive feedbacks from delegates.

Day 05 – 24th April, 2020 – Industrial Designs

The focus of the day was the most interesting and challenging topic that comes under Intellectual Property Rights, ‘Industrial Designs’. The day witnessed an overwhelming participation with 265 delegates attending the event for fifth day of Faculty Development Programme. Initial instructions were provided to make sure of smooth conduction of the session as a routine. The session opened with the event organizing team member, Prof. Remya Madan Gopal and Ms. Swati Mishra placing on records a big thanks to all the delegates for their support and encouragement. After welcoming the delegates, our resource person started with the presentationon Industrial Designs. The presentation started with introduction of industrial designs and The Design Act, 2020. The concept was clarified with proper examples. Design Controllers and other official authorities and their appointment by central government were stated in the presentation. The steps of substantive Examination on originality, content nature and authenticity were explained. The procedure for publication of particulars of registered design, its
copyrights and certificate for registration were elaborated in the session. The challenges of piracy, restoration of a lapsed design, hurdles of inspection of registered design and possibilities of cancellation of registration were summarized by the speaker. The flow chart of design application to registration was also meticulously presented. Methods to safe guard include appeals to high court and protection of security by not disclosing the details under Designs Act.
The protocol for application for registration of designs, certificates, duplicates and certified copies of documents such affidavits or declaration were presented in a well organized method to conclude the same. Interactive session started out with some of the delegates providing positive feedbacks and thanking the resource person for proper content delivery. The session concluded with clarifications given to doubts put forth by delegates and great feedbacks from the delegates.

Day 06 – 25th April, 2020 – Case Studies on IPR

The sixth day of the event focused on Case Studies related to IPR which generated immense interest among participants. The day started off with a few instructions on final day online test conducted for completion of national level FDP on the same. The instruction was followed by date, time and mode of conduction of examination. The day proceeded with welcoming the resource person and the delegates. The speaker started off with Case Laws, on trademark, copyright, patent and industrial designs. The trademark related case studies discussed included high profile cases such as Yahoo! Inc. Vs Akash Arora Anr case and Coca Cola Company Vs. Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd case. The copyright case studies are Sanjeev Pillai Vs. Venu Kunnapalli and Anr case and Tips Industries Vs. Wynk Music Case. The case studies explained under patent are Bajaj Auto Limited Vs. TVS Motor Company Limited Case and Novartis Vs. Union of India case. Case studies discussed for industrial designs are Mattel Inc. Vs Jayant Agarwalla Case and Sree Vishnu Bottles Vs. The State of Tamil Nadu. The cases were all very relevant and delegates were keen to get more during Q& A session. After the same the schedule of final day of online exam details were discussed and feedback forms were shared. The day witnessed another overwhelming number of delegates of 265. The online feedbacks were collected using google forms shared with the delegates. In addition to an amazingly positive feedback after each session in the chatbox during 6 days, a final feedback in google forms were also taken for records and suggestions for improvement. 261 delegates recorded their feedback on the one-week national level FDP. The session ended with Vote of Thanks.

Day 07 – 26th April, 2020 – Online Examination & E-certificate Distribution

The last day commenced with welcoming the resource person and the delegates. Our College shared the history of our parent organization Mahatma Education Society and the patrons. Our Principal addressed the delegates welcomed them and wished them a very happy World Intellectual Property Day, the culmination of our National Level FDP on Intellectual Property Rights. She also thanked them for their encouragement and support. Our resource person for our FDP, Adv. Pranit Dhanawade also addressed the delegates. After the same, an online test of 50 marks for the duration of 50 minutes was organized. The instructions were provided by our event Convener, Dr. Jayant Behera. The mode of conduction was online google forms, the link for the same was shared in the group and google meet chat box. After the submission for the same by the delegates, the organizing team took feedbacks from a few of them. All the delegates were provided with e-certificates for the FDP, provided their attendance records were good, they appeared foe exam and submitted the feedback forms. A total of 270 delegates appeared for the online exam and received e-certificate for the same. The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed to resource person, management, delegates and entire team of faculty members of the college.