Faculty Development Programme on “Digital Tools and Initiatives in Higher Education”

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The Faculty of Arts in association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rasayani organised a six-day faculty development programme titled ‘Digital Tools and Initiatives in Higher Education’ between October 4, 2021 to 0ctober 9, 2021. The session was conducted online through Zoom between 3 pm to 4:30 pm.

The main objective of the FDP was to bring faculty members from various disciplines under one roof and connect them with leading experts in the field of Digital Tools in Higher Education so that teachers can learn new and better ways to communicate and mentor students digitally during this pandemic period.

The FDP witnessed great and eager participation by all the participants and the speakers were able to confer immense knowledge and information to all the participants.

Mentioned below are the topics covered in the FDP:
Day 1: Technology-Augmented Learning Process: An Introduction
The speaker of the session was Dr. K. Sathya Sai. He introduced and explained various aspects related to how technology has changed the learning curve and the various challenges that can be overcome. He received positive feedback from the participants for his session.

Day 2: LMS and other E-Learning Options
The speaker for the session was Dr. M.S. Xavier Pradheep Singh. He expounded very well on the various applications and digital tools available to make teaching online interactive and fun. The participants did show much interest and were excited to use the tools he explained through the share screen option on Zoom.

Day 3: Blended Learning: A Path to the New Normal
The speaker of the session was Prof. (Dr) Manoj Kumar Mishra. He spoke about how learning has undergone changes and the ways teachers need to assess and tackle the situation.

Day 4: Enhancing LSRW: A Pragmatic Approach in Bloom’s Taxonomy
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Nath was the speaker of the session and he explained the various ways teachers can work with the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students. He spoke about the importance of the skills and how it can be worked on even through the online mode. He shared a clip from the movie ‘Sparsh’ to talk about the importance of listening skills.

Day 5: Bloom’s Taxonomy in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
The speaker of the session was Dr. Rohit Singh. He elucidated well about the various elements involved in teaching, learning and evaluation. He explained various methods involved in evaluation with the help of very-well detailed slides. The participants were impressed and many gave positive feedback in response to the evaluation methods.

Day 6: Valedictory Session
The valedictory session was conducted to bring the FDP programme to a formal end. The IQAC Coordinator of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rasayani gave the speech comprising all that was covered in the six days. Event coordinator Prathamesh Gokhale also thanked the participants. Vice Principal of the college, Mr. Binit Kumar asked the participants to give feedback on the FDP. The feedback received was positive in nature.

Overall, the FDP was a success and an evaluation form was sent out to all the participants who wished to receive an E-certificate for having attended the FDP.