Exhibition Competition on “Environmental Concerns and Eco-friendly Measures”

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Every year World Environment day is celebrated on 5th June to spread awareness, to encourage people to take action and to protect the environment. The Current theme of World Environment day is Air Pollution. Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science & Commerce and IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) as a part of ISR (Institutional Social Responsibility) of our college organised an Exhibition Competition on the theme ‘Environmental Concerns and Eco-friendly Measures’ on Friday, 5th July, 2019 to commemorate and celebrate World Environment Day and World Population Day.

It is the “People’s day” to do something to take care of earth and the environment. This is really important to know the ways to protect the environment. Taking this very significant concept into account, students exhibited working models, projects, photographs, posters presentations or eco-friendly products which were in lines with the theme given. 40 teams participated in the competition. The exhibits clearly pointed at the environmental degradation due to pollution, global warming and urbanisation. The competition generated interest and curiosity among students. They interacted with the participants to collect information of environmental problems in the world today and measures to be taken to control the issues. ‘Save Earth’, ‘Control Pollution’ and ‘Eco-friendly Solutions’ were the central themes of the exhibits.

The competition was judged by three faculty members, Ms. Sindhuja Joshi, Mr. Priyesh. G. and Ms. Nirali Verma. They judged the competition on relevance of the topic, presentation and content of exhibits by each contestant. After the judgement, Ms. Aditi Kharat and team of S.Y. B.Sc.I.T. was awarded the first position. Mr. Aman Behra and team of S.Y. B.M.S. came second followed by Ms. Renuka Kerapanur of T.Y. B.Com. at third position. The competition was so strong and because of the quality exhibits, two consolation prizes were also awarded. The purpose to create awareness of environmental issues and need of eco-freindly measures was served which was the primary need of the event.