Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Faculty of Arts

Online Orientation Programme for The Students of Arts on “How to Use Google Classroom Effectively”

Name of the Event: Online Orientation Programme for The Students of Arts on “How to Use Google Classroom
Conducted by: Faculty of Arts
Date: 12th June, 2020
Venue: Online Programme on Google Meet Application
Convenor: Mr. Sujith Babbu
Number of Participants Benefited: 72

The online Orientation Programme conducted for the Students and teachers by the Faculty of Arts, Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce on 12th June, 2020.

The session was divided into two parts. The beginning session was for the students of Arts and the subsequent session was conducted for the faculty of Arts. Prof. Hardik Dave, Asst. Professor, Pillai HOC College Of Arts, Science and Commerce Rasayni; was invited as the resource person for this event.

The idea behind this kind of programme was to help the learners in understanding the new tools of learning and educate them about the basic functionality of Google Classroom through their perspective. The resource person, Mr. Hardik Dave did his best to make the process simpler for the learners. He guided students as well as faculty members about multiple functions of Google Classroom and demonstrated various options available in the Google Classroom for daily attendance, recording of lectures and sharing of online assignments and responses etc. He also allowed participants to ask their queries and provided relevant solutions to them. His efforts were also appreciated by all.The technical arrangements were managed by Mr. Prathamesh Gokhale.

The event assured the enhanced experience of online teaching- Learning process and was a successful one.

Webinar on “Introduction to Photography”

Name of the Event: Webinar : Introduction to Photography
Conducted by: Faculty of Arts
Date: 13th June, 2020
Venue / Online Platform: Google Meet
Convenor: Ms. Swati Mishra
Co-Convenor: Mr. Prathamesh Gokhale
Number of Participants Benefited: 77

Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rasayani and Faculty of Arts conducted Expert Talk on “Introduction to Photography” for the students of BAMMC on 13th June, 2020. The webinar was conducted by renowned photographer Mr. Swapnil Chaudhary who is street, abstract, aficionado photographer. His works in photography has been credited by Nat-Geo one of the leading media house in travel, lifestyle and exploration genre. There were around 77 participants present for the webinar. The objective of the webinar was to acquaint students about the process of photography and its technicalities. Talking about the technicalities, to say so, a photographer will always seek for minute details and precise timing. Because, for that person it’s not just about clicking a picture for a sake of it, rather to capture a moment of a life, a moment that can be cherished forever. Likewise, Mr. Swapnil’s passion for photography was also reflected in his explanation as well. He very minutely covered the entire function of operating a camera. To give an example, he briefed us about the features and functions of camera, such as, what is viewfinder in camera? what is lens? what are manual settings?. He explained the students on how to take pictures by adjusting variations in aperture, shutter speed and how it will reflect on clicking a photo. To support his explanation he showcased one of his best works in photography. The snaps taken by him was truly eye-catching. The report could have been incomplete if we didn’t mentioned his breathtaking snaps such as the capturing of the thunderbolt, the macro photography on Buddha idol, the shadow effect on certain objects, the portraits, the depth angle shots, the light effect shots, the point of view angle, the third rule in photography and many more. Each and every snap captured by him was an enthralling journey to all of us, as if we are in that magical moment. Mr. Swapnil during his interactive session with students rightfully quoted that, “when you click a picture, you are actually telling a story which will have all the meaning and emotions to express in it and one should not miss that, because it will be there just once in a million seconds.”

Mr. Swapnil Chaudhary presented a pot of knowledge on photography to amateur and aspirant photographers among our students and perhaps amongst the faculty members as well. We wished, we could have opportunity to conduct actual session in our campus, but due to unfortunate Covid situation we managed to conduct on digital platform. But, we would like to conclude by saying in language of photography that, we have captured the webinar in our mind and will cherish it in our memories, which can neither be deleted nor erased.

The session ended with positive feedback from students and interactive question – answer sessions for clearing their respective doubts on this subject.