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The NSS Unit of Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce made visit to ‘Shantivan Old-Age Home’ to celebrate Diwali with the elderly people.60 Volunteers and 2 faculty member had participated in Diwali Celebration at Shantiwan. The NSS volunteers interacted with everyone and also discussed on their hobbies and current affairs. NSS Unit celebrated Diwali with them by lighting up diyas and by distributing snacks and sweets to them. The Activity was ended by giving shawls and sarees to them on this festive season and thank you speech by NSS Co-ordinator Kalavati Ma’am. They were all so happy and gave blessings to the whole NSS team. From their enthusiasm we learnt that ‘Happiness needs no age, it just needs people’.

Date: 1st November, 2018
Venue: Shantivan Old-Age Home, Panvel
Organized By: PHCASC NSS Unit