B.Com. Admissions Eligibility and Subjects

Eligibility Rules for Three Years of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

First Year Bachelor of Commerce (F.Y.B.Com.)

HSC to First SemesterFirst to Second Semester
HSC passed with Science / CommerceAny number of ATKT's in I Semester

Second Year Bachelor of Commerce (S.Y.B.Com.)

Second to Third SemesterThird to Fourth Semester
All clear in I & II Semesters OR not more than 2 ATKT's in each of I and II SemestersAny number of ATKT's in III Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in I & II Semesters provided marksheet of IV Semester will be withheld until I & II Semester ATKT's are cleared

Third Year Bachelor of Commerce (T.Y.B.Com.)

Fourth to Fifth SemesterFifth to Sixth Semester
I & II Semester all clear and not more than 2 ATKT's in each Semester of III & IV SemesterAny number of ATKT's in V Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in III & IV Semesters provided marksheet of VI Semester will be withheld until III & IV Semester ATKT's are cleared

List of subjects for the Three Year B.Com. (Regular)

All the subjects given below are compulsory for the students of this college. They cannot take any other subject in the special group or applied component group. The paper in all subject carry 100 marks.


Semester ISemester II
Financial Accounting - IUBCOMFS 1.1Financial Accounting - IUBCOMFSII. 1
Commerce - I UBCOMFS 1.2Commerce - IIUBCOMFSII. 2
Business Economics - IUBCOMFS 1.3Business Economics - IUBCOMFSII. 3
Business CommunicationUBCOMFS 1.4Business CommunicationUBCOMFSII. 4
MathematicsUBCOMFS 1.6MathematicsUBCOMFSII. 6
Foundation Course - IUBCOMFS 1.7Foundation Course - IUBCOMFSII. 7


Semester IIISemester IV
Financial Accounting - IIIUBCOMSSIII.1Financial Accounting - IVUBCOMSSIV.1
Business LawUBCOMSSIII.3Business LawUBCOMSSIV.3
Business Economics - IIIUBCOMSSIII.4Business Economics - IVUBCOMSSIV.4
Foundation Course - IIUBCOMSSIII.6Foundation Course - IIUBCOMSSIV.6


Semester VSemester VI
Financial Accounting - VUBCOMTSV.1Financial Accounting - VIUBCOMTSVI.1
Cost AccountingUBCOMTSV.2AuditingUBCOMTSVI.2
Management AccountingUBCOMTSV.3Cost AccountingUBCOMTSVI.3
Commerce - VUBCOMTSV.4Commerce - VIUBCOMTSVI.4
Business Economics - VUBCOMTSV.5Business Economics - VIUBCOMTSVI.5
Direct TaxUBCOMTSV.6Indirect TaxUBCOMTSVI.6
Export MarketingUBCOMTSV.7Export MarketingUBCOMTSVI.7