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Name of the EventBusiness Incubation Weekend
Conducted byIncubation event jointly conducted by University of Stirling, RAK Campus and ITM group of Institutions, India
Date10th to 24th October, 2020
Venue / Online PlatformMicrosoft Teams
Activity Falls under Criterion / CriteriaCriterion 5
ConvenorMs. Vineet Murli
Co-ConvenorMs. Rewati Soman
Number of Participants Benefitted(F.Y.B.M.S.) FMCG - 5 + COCO Straw - 5 + (S.Y.B.M.S.) Khadigram - 5 + NAOMI - 4 + T.Y.B.M.S. 5 = 24 Students (Total)
WinnerS.Y.B.M.S. (NAOMI Fabrics - Riya N., Sejal S., Suraj P., Juelee P.) and
F.Y.B.M.S. (FMCG Delivery Plan - Anam, Amrish Tupali Ashish K., Shivangi M.)
Shortlisted in top 20 out of 90 odd Business Plan papers

We are happy to share that 2 teams of PHCASC S.Y.B.M.S. (NAOMI Fabrics) and F.Y.B.M.S. (FMCG delivery plan) are selected in International Business Plan paper presentation competition. held by A team of academics from ITM Group of Institutions and Stirling, RAK, UAE had jointly organized a Business Incubation event titled Business Incubation Weekend (BIW), 2020, a National – International Online business start-up event on the 24th October, 2020.

F.Y.B.M.S. (FMCG delivery plan) has successfully attracted sponsorship also.

These were part of top 20 papers shortlisted from the total 90 entries received by them. The competition is still in progress till 24th October, 2020.

The teams will get participation certificates.

Heartiest congratulations to both the teams!