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Plastic pollution is a huge environmental and health issue as it harms us in more than one way such as it clogs drains, causes visual pollution and proves fatal for stray animals. So with “Beat Plastic Pollution” United Nation (UN) is encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment from plastic pollution. NSS Unit has taken an initiative of “Plastic Free Cleanliness Drive” in the adopted village Karade, Rasayani.

With the aim of creating Plastic Free Environment, NSS Unit has fixed following objectives under the “Plastic Free Cleanliness Drive”. To create awareness among the people on the hazards of single use of plastic and to motivate them towards the use paper or fabric (Cotton or Jute) bags. To create a plastic free environment at the adopted Village Karade. The Plastic Free Cleanliness Drive was started with the “Awareness Campaign and Door to door Collection of Plastic Waste” at the adopted village Karade.

Beat the plastic drive program in the Gulsunde village was organized by the NSS unit. Alarmed by the increasing environment threat posed by plastic. 79 volunteers participated in the program and distributed cloth bags in the houses, shopkeepers and vendors of the Gulsunde village. This event was conducted to create awareness about the causes of using plastic bags and to make people know to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. The volunteers aware people about the causes of using plastic bags and told people to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.